Liz Hougham

Brighton based Sussex Doula & Antenatal Teacher

About Me

I live in Brighton with my husband Darren, and our two sons, Leo (10) and Soli (7). Leo was born in hospital, Soli at home.

Before having our boys, I was a secondary school teacher, specialising in modern languages. When I was pregnant with Leo, I decided it was time for a change of career and trained as a doula. I have had the privilege of supporting women and their partners through labour and birth for the last 10 years both at home and in hospital, on land and in water.

I teach antenatal classes and host home birth support groups for the National Childbirth Trust. I am also an active member of the Brighton and Hove Maternity Services Liaison Committee. By attending regular meetings and visiting local birthing facilities I stay up to date with all current NHS maternity practises and protocol. My active contribution to the MSLC has recently led me to being asked to sit on the interview panel for the new Labour Ward Coordinator at Royal Sussex County Hospital.

My Philosophy: 

My wish is that everyone having a baby has access to the right support for them, feels empowered in their birth choices and is able to approach parenthood with positivity and the confidence to do it their way.

I am very aware that women vary greatly in how they wish to be supported through labour. I am also realistic and adaptable: it does sometimes become clear that what they thought they would want goes out of the window and their needs become very different. With clear communication during pregnancy, we can establish your hopes (and fears??) for your experience, whilst maintaining an open mind and acknowledging that nothing is set in stone.

It makes no difference who you are, whether you are single, in a single sex partnership, married or not; you are entitled to clear, unbiased information so that you can make the right decisions for your labour, birth and beyond. I can provide you with as much or as little information as you want and offer unconditional, loving support, to enable you to have an enriching experience, and to maximise your chances of achieving the birth you want.

This is one of the most important and significant milestones for a woman and her family. My hope is that I can help make the memory of this amazing time a wonderful one.